230 cm x 120 cm – power boat – CNC Plans – Free Plans – 3D View

3D View of 230 cm x 120 cm – Free Power Boat – 3D View

For rotate 3d view use mouse (on computer) or fingers (on phone or tablet)

[vrm360 canvas_name=s2 model_url=https://free-boat-plans.com/3d_view/230_free_power_boat.stl aspect_ratio=1.5 hide_cmds=all]

Full description of this boat you can find here: https://free-boat-plans.com/power-boats/230-cm-x-120-cm-motor-boat-cnc-files/

230 x 120 – Power Boat – Free Plans CNC – for CNC milling or laser cutting – Free Download Link

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