Stitch and Glue – A simplest way to build your boat – part 1

March 4, 2022 By Sh8fiLwPM4A8ZrBjTBaJ5MvCW7uLRQ Off

Stitch and Glue – This method is used to building all kinds of boats. We can build little rowing boat or full size size 30 foot (or more) sailing boat for sailing around the world.

All we need is soft copper wire (about 2 – 3 mm ) you can use zip ties apart copper wire. In my opinon copper wire is better, because you have double regulation, while when you use zip ties – you can only squeeze. When you use zip ties and you shoud loosen it is nessesry to replace zip ties.

We take two pieces of plywood drilling holes. DIstance between holes from 10 cm in complicated shapes to 25cm – when shape is not complicated.

Drill should be about 1mm larger than wire or zip ties. Distance from edge is about 25mm (1 inch) from edge, but in some applications it is necessary to change this distance.